A Few Key Items To Consider When Starting a Business With Multiple Partners

When starting a business with multiple partners, there should be some type of operating agreement or stockholders agreement in effect.  Too often our attorneys receive phone calls from prospective clients with issues regarding the operations of their company, and in particular, issues with thei...
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My business relationship with my partner has gone bad – can my partner remove property from our office

Sometimes business relationships turn sour and the unfortunate task of winding down and dissolution of the business needs to occur.  However, generally speaking the property of the business should never be removed from the business property unless the partners have agreed to such removal (whether ...
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Nassau County District Attorney’s Office Bans Prosecutors From Applying For Gun Permits or Possessing a Weapon

So Long Island, New York what do you think?  Should Nassau County prosecutors be banned from applying for gun permits even if the weapon is intended for home protection only?  The Nassau County DA’s office seems to think its policy is constitutional, as its bans prosecutors from owning or posses...
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