Nassau County District Attorney’s Office Bans Prosecutors From Applying For Gun Permits or Possessing a Weapon

So Long Island, New York what do you think?  Should Nassau County prosecutors be banned from applying for gun permits even if the weapon is intended for home protection only?  The Nassau County DA’s office seems to think its policy is constitutional, as its bans prosecutors from owning or posses...
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What to expect when appearing at a New York deposition

Your appearance at a deposition can be an overwhelming experience.  This is especially true if you have never appeared at a deposition.  So what is a deposition?  Why is it necessary?  A deposition is a part of the discovery process authorized under Article 31 of the New York Rules of Civil P...
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Compliance with Fire Code Regulations | Nassau County Fire Prevention Ordinance

Many Nassau County business owners are also unaware that general rule for corporate representation is that corporations are “artificial entities” and must only appear in court through an attorney when confronting a Nassau County Fire Code violation. Unfortunately, numerous Nassau County busine...
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US Court of Appeals, 2nd Circuit Finds Possession of Child Pornography in Temporary Internet Files

The 2nd Circuit held that a defendant does not have to save Internet files containing child pornography to his hard drive to be criminally liable.    The decision comes on the heels of the May 8th New York Court of Appeals decision which held that viewers of free online pornography are not breaki...
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UPDATE: Manhattan DA: Detroit Tiger Delmon Young Still Facing Charges

The Manhattan DA is still pushing forward with its misdemeanor hate crime assault case against Detroit Tiger Delmon Young for his accused drunken anti-Semite tirade in which he is accused of yelling “F*cking Jews!” and attacking a male tourist in New York city.   The DA’ office has apparentl...
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