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No Forms To Fill Out! You Will Speak To An Actual Qualified Attorney That Is Experienced In New York Corporations And New York Law.  All Included In The Package Prices!  How Can You Beat That!

Why Choose Us For You Incorporation Needs? Here Is Why:

With all of these automated formation sites available on the internet, its hard to figure out how what is needed to properly create and form your business entity.  Sure you can read up on the various forms of corporate entities and try to educate yourself on the various differences between each of them, but wouldn’t it be easier and more informative if you had the chance to speak to a corporate attorney (which is included in the package price) who could quickly guide you through which entity is proper for your business needs.  Plus, you have 15 minutes to speak with an attorney about other questions you may have with respect to your new business formation.  Don’t waste your money on automated sites that incorporate your entity without even speaking to you about your business. You could do that yourself on most state govt websites.

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