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Practice Areas

The attorneys at Bashian & Papantoniou provide legal counsel in the following areas of practice:

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Corporate & Transactional Lawyers

Our seasoned corporate attorneys represent a variety of business entities, including large, mid-sized and emerging businesses. We assist our clients in developing long term strategies to maximize profitability of their hard earned investments by navigating them through the intricacies of structuring, managing and operating a successful business enterprise.
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Criminal Defense Lawyers

Our network of attorneys includes former Assistant District Attorneys that have extensive experience in handling criminal matters at the state and federal court levels. Our attorneys provide representation to individuals and businesses, and are prepared to defend clients in a wide array of criminal areas, including white-collar fraud, conspiracy, embezzlement, fraud, theft and larceny, traffic violations, DWI/DUI arrests, misdemeanors and serious violent felony offenses.
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Family Law Lawyers

At Bashian & Papantoniou, we have experience representing juveniles accused of offenses in the Family Court system. Our team of juvenile defense attorneys are comprised of former experienced juvenile prosecutors and attorneys who understand that the first few days after your child’s arrest are critical to the future handling of the case. The most common offenses that we handle are robbery, shoplifting, burglary, drug possession, assault, battery, graffiti, trespass and many other violent crimes.
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Class Actions Lawyers

Bashian & Papantoniou is dedicated to pursuing justice for individuals and groups who have been harmed by the improper conduct of large corporations and companies, manufacturers, employers and insurance companies. As lead counsel or co-lead counsel, in a class action lawsuit our attorneys coordinate the day-to-day litigation activities and implement the best overall strategy to recover results that our clients deserve and approve. We handle class action lawsuits in the areas of the American Disability Act violations, antitrust, defective products, securities law fraud, consumer protection, civil rights litigation, employment law and insurance law.
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Litigation Lawyers

Litigation involves legal issues that require confident litigators who are well versed in the different areas of law and possess the uncanny ability to zealously represent all of their clients. With years of experience, the attorneys at Bashian & Papantoniou understand that the escalation of a dispute into litigation is an important decision that may have enormous effects on the clients that we represent. Therefore, our approach includes a detailed assessment of each of our client’s needs and concerns, client participation in the planning and decision making, thorough case preparation, effective use of all available resources and consideration of alternative dispute resolution, and even arbitration or mediation.
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Entertainment Lawyers

Our firm’s entertainment practice includes a diverse medium of entertainment industries, such as film, sports, music, modeling, eSport electronic gaming and photography. Our representation of entertainment clients includes: contract negotiating, drafting and reviewing of talent agreements, agency agreements and releases, commercial agreements, employment agreements, intellectual property licensing, product endorsements, celebrity and personal appearances, extended use rights agreements.
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Not-For-Profit Lawyers

Bashian & Papantoniou’s attorneys have extensive experience in, and provide legal advice on all aspects of, creating not-for-profit organizations and guiding our clients through the complex process of applying for recognition of exemption from federal income taxation under section 501(c) of the Internal Revenue Code
Practice Areas

Personal Injury Lawyers

Bashian & Papantoniou handles a variety of cases that may be classified in the realm of “personal injury.” Our firm is designed to protect our clients who may be victims of physical injury, serious physical injury, emotional distress, battery and/or intentional torts. Our firm is comprised of skilled litigators who are not afraid to take a case to trial. From the initial interview to the first court conference, the attorneys of Bashian & Papantoniou are tirelessly preparing all cases, no matter how big or small, for trial.
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Real Estate Lawyers

At Bashian & Papantoniou we handle real estate transactions and litigation involving all facets of real estate. Our litigators handle construction and real estate cases in both arbitration tribunals and courts. The firm’s clients include developers of commercial, industrial and residential projects, construction companies, investors, financial institutions, property managers, contractors, real estate brokers and commercial and residential property owners.
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Wills, Trusts & Estates Lawyers

A properly drafted Will can help your family members and other beneficiaries avoid the complexities of probate, which can be a lengthy and costly judicial process used to determine the validity of your Will and to carry out the terms of your Will. At Bashian & Papantoniou, our attorneys take care in drafting our clients’ wills and trusts, and we make sure that all legal and financial matters are addressed in advance.
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Traffic Violations & Citations Lawyers

Our law firm represents and defends drivers in motor vehicle traffic violations. Almost every driver, at some point in their life, will receive a traffic ticket. Therefore, it is really important to have an attorney that you can trust and who will guide you through the legal process.
Practice Areas

ADA Employment Discrimination for Individuals With Disabilities Lawyers

Our law firm protects the rights of individual with disabilities in ADA claims where they have been discriminated against in the workplace due to such disabilities
Practice Areas

ADA Litigation For Individuals With Disabilities Lawyers

Our law firm protects the rights of individual with disabilities in ADA claims where they have been discriminated against in public accommodation settings.
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The attorneys at Bashian & Papantoniou proudly represent clients in the following industries:

Business Formation

Bashian & Papantoniou business formation lawyers in New York and Long Island provide exceptional guidance to their clients who are seeking new business opportunities.

Car Wash

Residents of Nassau and Suffolk Counties understand that automobiles and vehicular transportation are an essential part of life on Long Island. They also understand that their…

Computer Services

Computers and related technology is undeniably an integral part of daily life styles. Long Island business owners would agree that such facility providers are indispensable…


The long Island attorneys of Bashian & Papantoniou, P.C. are experienced in construction law and in legal matters arising from construction projects throughout New York City and Long Island…


The number of independent consulting businesses within Nassau and Suffolk Counties continues to increase. There is a growing trend of people stepping outside of their traditional occupations…

Dental Practices Attorneys

The dental practice attorneys at Bashian & Papantoniou understand that a number of legal issues may arise from the operation of a dental practice in New York. Our dental …

Education Lawyers

Suffolk and Nassau Counties of Long Island are comprised of some of the best school districts in the continental United States. Despite the success of our school districts in both these Counties, New York State…

Entertainment Attorneys

Entertainment attorneys are very aware that New York City is the popular mecca for aspiring entertainers who flock to the city in hopes of starting their journey on the road to …

eSport & Electronic Gaming

The industry of electronic gaming and electronic sports, more commonly referred to as e-sports, has seen drastic increases in popularity and technological advances over …

Family-Owned Businesses

While engaging in a family-owned business can be both financially and emotionally rewarding, it can also present a unique set of challenges. The success of a family-owned business …

Fashion and Apparel

The fashion and apparel industry in New York is one of the most exciting industries in the commercial world and presents itself in our daily lives in the form of magazine covers, runway shows, television commercials

Fire Code Violations

All businesses, individuals and residents in New York State and NYC, including Suffolk and Nassau Counties, are required to comply with the Fire Prevention Ordinance. This Ordinance is enforced by the Fire Marshal…

Leisure and Hospitality

New York is well known for the unique recreational activities it offers. At Bashian & Papantoniou, our attorneys understand that various legal issues arise from owning and operating…

Manufacturing Attorneys

Since the industrial revolution, manufacturing businesses have thrived in the United States, particularly in New York City and the surrounding areas, including Long Island. …

Marketing and Advertising

New York marketing and advertising attorneys interact daily with vast and complex laws applicable to the marketing and advertising industry. Many business owners within…

Media – Intellectual Property

Every media business owner in New York and Long Island appreciates that retaining experienced intellectual property lawyers in Long Island and New York is key to ensuring their ..

Medical Malpractice Attorney

Every lawyer knows that accidents happen every day within New York City, Nassau and Suffolk counties. A person who slips and falls in a local grocery store and is injured as a result should contact a Long Island…

Modeling Industry Attorneys

At Bashian & Papantoniou, our entertainment attorneys in New York and Long Island assist clients in taking the proper steps to further their modeling careers. Whether you are a seasoned professional …

Nightlife, Bar Business Attorneys

The New York business attorneys at Bashian & Papantoniou, P.C. are experienced attorneys whose clients are restaurant, nightclub and bar owners in New York city and Long Island. The attorneys of Bashian..

Not-For-Profit Organizations

Not-for-profit organizations are essential in modern society. These organizations provide necessary services without seeking capitalistic gain. The not-for-profit attorneys in Long Island and New York at Bashian …

Public Relations & Promotion

After successfully forming a business in New York clients often contact the New York business attorneys at Bashian & Papantoniou, P.C. to assist with issues arising from publicity …

Real Estate Brokerage

If you are contemplating the purchase or sale of real estate on Long Island, or considering entering into any other type of real estate transaction, it is important to first consult with ..

Real Estate Companies

Bashian & Papantoniou is equipped with a team of real estate development attorneys and landlord tenant attorneys to help you with your real estate business. Your real estate …

Religious Institutions Attorneys

Religious institutions are often confronted with a number of very specific legal issues which are often rather unique. Bashian & Papantoniou’s team of Long Island attorneys can help ..

Restaurant Attorneys

The restaurant business is the one laden with challenges, from choosing a location and negotiating leases to supply contracts and liability issues, the owner or franchiser needs a good attorney for a successful …


Commercial agreements are formed when two or more parties enter into a contract related to the commercial aspect of a product or service. A few examples of commercial agreements include …

Security Guard Companies

The security industry in New York and Long Island can be one wrought with legal encumbrances. It is a complex body of law governed by Articles 7 and 7-A of the General …

Software Development

Developing software can give rise to a number of legal issues. It is important to obtain skilled and effective legal representation to ensure that these issues are navigated successfully. ..

Sports Memorabilia

Sports memorabilia can include any item that bears a direct connection to either a sporting event or personality. These objects possess a rarity time-value which makes them valuable to collectors and fans alike, whether for monetary …


Looking for a technology lawyer in New York? The technology lawyers at Bashian & Papantoniou are up-to-date with the cutting edge products and innovations in the technology and communications industries. We provide sophisticated…

Venture Capital

Venture Capital is money provided to early-stage, typically high-risk startup companies that have significant growth potential. Most companies seeking venture capital have an innovative or original technology or business model…