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The industry of electronic gaming and electronic sports, more commonly referred to as e-sports, has seen drastic increases in popularity and technological advances over the last ten years. Companies and individuals in the electronic gaming and e-sports industry know that market research, creativity, and perseverance are three essential ingredients to running a successful business within this extremely competitive field. Electronic gaming attorneys and e-sports attorneys, such as those at Bashian & Papantoniou, understand that the laws applicable to this field are evolving everyday to meet the unique issues that arise in the interactive entertainment and digital media industries.

E-sports generally refers to the competitive playing of video games.  Competitions are held locally, nationally, and internationally at professional, semi-professional and amateur levels and numerous e-sports leagues and tournaments exist (sometimes for cash prizes, which can also raise concerns regarding gambling laws). Genres of video games usually played competitively include real-time strategy games, first person shooting games, massively multiplayer online games and racing games.  When navigating the legal realm of the e-sports world, each “player” should consult with an e-sports lawyer to ensure their intellectual property rights are protected.

“Our firm offers representation to gamers presented with contracts related to joining gaming leagues and tournaments, as well as prospects of licensing their name and image to sponsors.”

Our lawyers assist e-sport gamers in understanding the legal and business effects and consequences of these agreements.  We also assist gamers in enforcing their rights and protecting their intellectual property.  Our trial lawyers, often commence civil actions on behalf of gamers to protect their intellectual property rights

Additionally, e-sports league and tournament owners and sponsors consult with our professional counselors on various legal matters such as contract negotiations, real estate transactions and leasing agreements, merchandising agreements, gambling law related issues, sponsorship agreements and advertising, and intellectual property concerns. Whether your e-sports league or tournament is in its infancy or is a fixture within the industry, Bashian & Papantoniou can help ensure your gaming experience is all about the thrill of the game.

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