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The fashion and apparel industry in New York is one of the most exciting industries in the commercial world and presents itself in our daily lives in the form of magazine covers, runway shows, television commercials and the clothes hanging in our own closets, just to name a few. When a consumer purchases a garment, he or she usually thinks only of the designer responsible for the design. However, the fashion and apparel industry is founded on diverse sets of skills from players such as fashion designers, promoters, manufactures and quality control sourcing specialists.  Each and every day, these players face legal matters like licensing, merchandising, intellectual property rights, and employment and consumer safety issues. Our firm understands that the cooperation of all these key individuals within this industry is essential to success.

“We assist our clients with almost every imaginable legal matter arising in this industry.”

Our attorneys are experienced in assisting designers and fashion houses in their efforts to secure and protect the intellectual property rights in their work.  Our lawyers are well versed in registering works with the United States Copyright Office and the United States Patent and Trademark Office so that our clients’ products are protected by either a copyright or trademark. For example, if a client is ready to create and use a name or design logo that will identify his or her works of fashion, our attorneys will perform the initial trademark search to determine if the mark is available, register the trademark and ensure the appropriate continuing actions are taken to keep the trademark active.  Also, our experienced litigation attorneys are skilled in prosecuting and defending against trademark dilution and infringement claims. We also perform all of the services related to copyright protection.

“The Fashion and Apparel industry can be quite difficult to navigate without the proper advice and consultation”

Additionally, our attorneys use their experience in business and corporate law to help clients within the fashion and apparel industry to form the appropriate business entity for their new business. We work with our client to ensure that they understand and are aware of all of the options available to them. We explain each type of business available so that the client may make a well-educated and decisive choice.

Our attorneys are not only useful during the formation of a new fashion and apparel business or during litigation, but are also experienced in consulting with and representing various players in the industry throughout the company’s daily operations. Our team of professionals assist clients within the fashion apparel industry with a variety of legal matters and transactions including:

  • Corporate formation;
  • Strategic business relationships (such as Joint Ventures);
  • Leasing of manufacturing and retail equipment and facilities;
  • Sourcing Agreements;
  • Financing Arrangements and Factoring Agreements;
  • Mergers and acquisitions;
  • EmploymentRelated Issues;
  • Creditors’ Rights;
  • Advertising;
  • Merchandising; and
  • Distribution and licensing.
“Bashian & Papantoniou is a full service firm for any individual or business entering into or already established within the fashion and apparel industry.”
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