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New York State is comprised of some of the best school districts in the continental United States.  Despite the success of our school districts, New York State and Federal education laws remain a necessity in ensuring the rights of students and their families are protected at all times.

 “At Bashian & Papantoniou, our lawyers are experienced in legal education matters, and we understand and help our clients navigate the laws that are vast and complicated.”

At our firm, we regularly deal with issues related to school faculty, office personnel, maintenance staff and students.  Some critical legal issues that arise within the New York education system include school discipline claims, discrimination based on race, color, national original, sex, classification as a disabled student and corporal punishment claims against faculty.

“We appreciate the importance of handling such matters speedily and efficiently thereby focusing on decreasing the amount of disruption caused to daily lives of our clients.”

These laws can be confusing to the average person and may require help from competent attorneys to provide insight into the legal situation. At Bashian & Papantoniou, we are accomplished education lawyers that represent students and families trying to navigate this complex area of law.

We represent families, parents and students associated with educational legal matters throughout all five boroughs of New York City, as well as in Suffolk and Nassau Counties. Our lawyers are knowledgeable and well-prepared to handle issues that plague our clients at any level; elementary, middle school, high school, graduate and post-graduate levels.

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Our attorneys have extensive experience representing students in suspension hearings under New York Education Law §3214.  This law requires administrative hearings to be held whenever a school district seeks to suspend a student for more than five days with an out-of-school suspension. Thus, no student may be suspended in New York State, unless such student and the parent or guardian have an opportunity to attend a full and fair hearing, upon reasonable notice, at which time the student has the right to be represented by a counsel. Here, your lawyer has the right to question witnesses presented by the school district and to present his/her own witnesses and other evidence in support of any defenses to the district’s claims.

“Often, having an experienced attorney on your side at the hearing or representing your interests throughout settlement negotiations can prove to be the necessary difference in commanding the outcome of your case.”

Our law firm is prepared to assist students and their families with any claims stemming from the inadequacies or negligence of the school system. Unfortunately, discrimination and biases often find a way into our educational system. Whether such discrimination is intentional or the unintended byproduct of school-wide policies, it may conflict with your rights. Fortunately, the proficient attorneys ensure that any illegal discrimination is met with swift and proper legal recourse.

Finally, our attorneys assist high school, undergraduate and graduate students to obtain degrees and diplomas. No matter how intimidating the school district, college or university may present to be, if you believe that your right to a graduate degree is being wrongfully withheld, then you can contact us to discuss your legal rights and remedies. We help you in the assessment and analysis of your claims in a cost-effective and time efficient manner.

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Some of our most recent education cases include:

Universities & Colleges:
  • Diploma dispute for graduate student at Baruch College accused of misconduct.
  • Graduate student at Stony Brook University accused of academic dishonesty.
  • Graduate student at New York Institute of Technology accused of truancy and absent related misconduct.
  • Graduate student at St Joseph’s College accused of various violations of the Student Code of Conduct.
  • Undergraduate student at Stony Brook University accused of plagiarism on exam.
  • Undergraduate student at Stony Brook University accused of trespassing and violating a suspension order.
Public Schools:
  • Residency dispute for 6th grade student in Nassau County School District.
  • 4th grade student accused of engaging in misconduct while on a school bus in violation of Long Island elementary school Code of Conduct.
  • High school student accused of engaging in a violent act due to an off campus posts made to social media.
  • High school student alleged to be in possession of a weapon on campus.
Charter Schools:
    • Represented group in the creation of Not-for-Profit supporting organization for a series of Long Island Charter Schools.
    • Handled all corporate related matters for New York Charter School.

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