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Commercial Agreements

Commercial agreements are formed when two or more parties enter into a contract related to the commercial aspect of a product or service. A few examples of commercial agreements include loan, purchase or sale agreements, property leases and commercial management or brokerage agreements. It is crucial that any contract you or your business enter into be drafted by an experienced New York commercial agreements lawyer to ensure that all of the terms, conditions and details of the agreement are clearly defined and will stand up to any legal challenges that may arise in the future.

A New York commercial agreement lawyer must also be skilled in negotiating and drafting acquisition agreements, easement agreements and covenants, restrictions and development agreement. At Bashian and Papantoniou, our Long Island commercial agreement attorneys and Long Island retail attorneys are skilled in these niche areas of law and are willing to work diligently to ensure our clients’ needs are met at every turn.

Buying, selling or leasing commercial property

A New York commercial agreements lawyer at our firm can help you lease, buy or sell property needed for your business, whether you are engaged in retail, wholesale, manufacturing or service industries. Our commercial agreements attorneys are also skilled in real estate transactions involving shopping malls, boutique stores, local shopping centers and hotels and resorts.

Our long island commercial agreement attorney can aid in the drafting and negotiation of construction agreements or leases for retail space in locations ranging from large commercial malls to small independent stores.

Owners and tenants know that location is key to a business’ success and without an attorney, the outcome could be disastrous. Our long island commercial agreement attorney will ensure that you receive the best deal you are seeking. We are knowledgeable about the real estate in the area and thus are in an advantageous position to draft the necessary transactional documents to secure a profitable location and outcome for our clients.

Our Long Island commercial agreement attorneys can also assist you if you are involved in a dispute as a tenant or a landlord involving issues such as breaches of contract, theft, rent escalations, real estate taxes, employee and labor law issues and trademark and intellectual property issues such as counterfeiting or retail fraud.

Retail Industry

The retail industry in New York or Long Island is highly competitive. Any retail business owner in would benefit greatly from the expertise of a long island commercial agreement attorney and long island retail attorneys. At Bashian & Papantoniou, a team of experienced long island retail lawyers will help you expand and maintain your business and to rise above the competition.

Our local long island retail lawyers will work hard for you and your business’ needs, ensuring that growing businesses in our community are taking full advantage of their rights and opportunities. A New York commercial agreement lawyer at Bashian & Papantoniou will work zealously to negotiate the best deals for you.

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