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Looking for a technology lawyer in New York? The technology lawyers at Bashian & Papantoniou are up-to-date with the cutting edge products and innovations in the technology and communications industries. We provide sophisticated and technical guidance relating to disputes and emerging issues in digital and internet law (also known as “cyberlaw”). We provide services to businesses that have Internet marketing or Ecommerce issues, as well as those who need advice and guidance in regard to online business practices, website development contracts, the protection of online intellectual property and many other area of internet law.

We understand that finding a competent technology lawyer in Long Island or New York can be a daunting process because most law firms are not familiar with changes in the law as a result of recent technological advances: The technology lawyers at Bashian & Papantoniou can assist you with the following issues:

  • Legal claims stemming from online activity
  • Assisting internet start-ups
  • Internet libel or defamation
  • copyright infringement
  • trademark infringement
  • Internet privacy
  • Website legal audits
  • Website Agreements
  • Cybersquatting cases
  • Terms of Service (TOS) agreement
  • Protecting the online reputation of businesses
  • Hacking
  • Anonymous posters of web content
  • Negotiating and drafting software licensing agreements
  • Domain name disputes, including stolen domain names
  • Identifying and analyzing legal issues for web developers

Recruiting a technology attorney in New York will provide you with guidance and service from someone who understands how legal issues stemming from the internet are handled in the courts. Furthermore, a technology attorney in New York should be intimately familiar with the technology behind the web. If you are seeking a technology attorney in Long Island, New York or the surrounding areas, contact the attorneys at Bashian & Papantoniou PC. We are a full service a full-service internet law firm focused on providing successful and efficient legal representation and technology-related legal services.

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