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Venture Capital is money provided to early-stage, typically high-risk startup companies that have significant growth potential. Most companies seeking venture capital have an innovative or original technology or business model. Candidates for venture capital investment are generally not in a position to obtain financing through a public offering and have not reached the point where they are able to secure a bank loan or alternative means of financing. The structuring of venture capital deals can be very complicated and presents a number of unique challenges and obstacles. It is therefore crucial to retain the services of competent, experienced venture capital lawyer in Long Island or New York.

The New York and Long Island venture capital attorneys at Bashian & Papantoniou P.C. represent venture capital firms and individuals seeking to invest in startup businesses.  We can answer any questions you might have, such as what key points to look for in a venture capitalist’s proposal and whether, and to what degree, control of the company will be affected.

Our firm represents the following in venture capital investments:

  • Venture capital firms
  • Start-up companies and funds
  • Investment banking firms
  • Investment partnerships
  • Hedge funds
  • Emerging growth companies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Angel Investors

Our New York and Long Island venture capital attorneys will provide guidance in negotiating and memorializing the terms and conditions of the investment. This includes documenting exactly what the investor or investors will receive in exchange for the money and experience they are providing, as well as how the business will be run following the investment. Our unique depth of knowledge and experience in this area, on both sides of the table, enables us to provide invaluable guidance on the critical issues surrounding venture capital negotiations, such as:

  • Corporate Structure
  • Employment Relationships
  • Intellectual Property Protection
  • The crafting of Business Plans
  • Fund formation and structure
  • Disclosure and Compliance Matters
  • Liquidation preferences, registration rights, exit strategies, etc.

Through our representation of venture capital firms, start-up companies and funds, emerging growth companies and entrepreneurs, our New York and Long Island venture capital lawyers draft and negotiate the following:

  • Equity purchase and sale agreements
  • Convertible debt and standard debt instruments
  • Certificates of designations
  • Shareholders agreements; and
  • Any other related documents necessary to ensure the our client’s interests are served

If you are looking for a venture capital lawyer in Long Island or any other region of New York, please contact our office. We have the knowledge, skills and experience to effectively and efficiently guide you through any and all legal issues or obstacles that may arise in a venture capital transaction.

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