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The New York metropolitan area is the mecca for aspiring entertainers looking for opportunity and the road to fame.   At Bashian & Papantoniou, our lawyers are skilled at representing various clients in the entertainment industry at different stages of their careers. While many clients are ready to jump into the entertainment industry without any hesitations, they should do so only after consulting with a entertainment attorney.  Consulting with our firm will ensure that an aspiring artist or entertainer is prepared for every possible situation which may present itself, both wanted and unwanted.  Our firm’s attorneys are experienced and understand the unique concerns and goals of prospective entertainment clients.

We provide effective legal assistance to actors and actresses, musicians, artists, publishers, producers, composers, writers, models, athletes, employees, companies and individuals involved in all areas of the entertainment industry, including film, radio, television, music, publishing, art, movies, professional athletics and theater.

“Our attorneys have represented  leading brand models in the modeling industry.”

Our counselors are also equipped to represent both aspiring and established entertainers such as:

  • Professional and semi-professional sports teams;
  • Actors and actresses;
  • Film and television producers;
  • Film and television directors;
  • Musicians;
  • Authors;
  • Writers;
  • Athletes;
  • Models; and
  • Photographers.

We work to assist you in understanding the inner workings of the entertainment industry. We explain the pros and cons of each aspect of the industry in a manner that allows our clients to make informed and prudent career-based decisions.  Our professional team of attorneys are experienced in negotiating, drafting and reviewing contracts with talent agents, mangers, sports franchises, publicists, record labels and film studios on behalf of our clients.

Our firm is also experienced in prosecuting and defending clients in breach of contract claims and business disputes. Additionally, we are proficient at establishing and protecting our clients’ intellectual property rights in their particular medium. We assist clients in registering works such as music, lyrics, compositions, screenplays, novels, and artwork with the United States Copyright Office. We are experienced in litigating copyright infringement lawsuits commenced by or against our clients within the entertainment industry.

Not only do our entertainment lawyers represent clients newly entering the entertainment industry, but we also represent established entertainers.  Our firm can assist established entertainers  in marketing and merchandising deals, negotiating promotional tours and appearances, renegotiating contracts, real estate transactions and tax issues. We are also proficient at establishing and maintaining relationships within the entertainment industry and can offer insight regarding which relationships will help increase the success of their clients.

“Whether you are just starting out in the entertainment industry or have already found stardom,  Bashian & Papantoniou can assist you with your entertainment legal matters.”
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