Since the industrial revolution, manufacturing businesses have thrived in the United States, particularly in New York City and the surrounding areas, including Long Island. In response, legislatures across the country created and implemented strict manufacturing regulations. These regulations continuously evolve and attorneys must be able to understand and use them in a manner that allows them to protect the interests of their clients in the manufacturing industry.

“Our attorneys  provide our manufacturing clients with the necessary tools to ensure their business operates smoothly, successfully and legally.”

Our attorneys have experience with laws applicable to manufacturing businesses.  If you are considering forming a manufacturing business, our business lawyers will assist you with the initial formation of your business, drafting initial corporate documents such as shareholders agreements, operating agreements, and by-laws and, if appropriate, securing adequate investment capital.  Further, our business lawyers offer insightful counsel that will help ensure your business is operated in accordance with both New York State and Federal regulations and our attorneys assist company principals to understand and comply with fiduciary duties that are automatically imposed upon business owners. We explain duties of loyalty and care, good-faith and fair dealing, the corporate opportunity doctrine and more so that business owners make informed decisions before acting in a manner that may result in a breach of duty claim. In the event commercial litigation does arise our lawyers are experienced at representing business clients at every stage of the litigation process.

Our Attorneys offer various services unique to businesses within the manufacturing industry. Our attorneys that handle manufacturing related legal issues understand that the manufacturing industry is heavily regulated in connection with the health and safety of its employees and consumers exposed to the manufactured products.  Principals in the manufacturing industry must be aware of these regulations in order to operate their businesses legally and successfully. The attorneys at Bashian & Papantoniou, P.C. can assist you with the following:

  • Licensing and permitting;
  • Product safety regulations and claims;
  • Complying with zoning regulations;
  • Complying with environmental regulations;
  • Labor and employment related disputes;
  • Taxes issues;
  • Intellectual property rights creation and protection; and
  • Real Estate transactions and disputes.
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