Business Consulting Services

Over the last decade, we have observed  individuals stepping out from their traditional occupations to work as consultants in an area of professional expertise.

“Our lawyers are dedicated to effectively and efficiently represent and protect the rights of entrepreneurs who start their own consulting businesses.”

We offer unparalleled legal representation to consultants and their businesses.  Our services include, but are not limited to, determining the appropriate business structure, corporate formation, drafting and structuring of organizational governance documents, as well as negotiating and drafting consultant agreements.  Our firm will handle any litigation arising from your business operation.

Our representative clients include:

  • Hospitality groups;
  • Restaurant & food services;
  • Medical Groups;
  • Dental Practices;
  • Physicians;
  • Real Estate Ventures; and
  • Night club, lounge and bar experts.

When an individual makes the decision to act as a consultant, they are faced with a number of questions, such as “what is the best type of company I can form to ensure my business goals are met?” and “how can I receive fair and timely payment from my future clients without alienating them?” Our attorneys are prepared to answer any question you might have.  We will also guide you through the decision making process.

Initially, our lawyers will explain the differences between the types of business entities available and will then form the business entity that makes sense for you.   Corporate formation includes drafting and filing the required corporate documents and organizational documents such as shareholder and operating agreements. We routinely negotiate and draft third party consulting agreements, independent contractor agreements, payment plans, etc., based on your specific needs and goals.

The documents created will often contain complex legal language and create specific relationships, obligations, and duties that might not be apparent to a layperson.  Our lawyers will advise you, in detail, as to any and all obligations created by such documents to ensure complete transparency.

“Our attorneys explain complex issues and documents in a direct and easily understandable manner.”

While our goal is to help consulting businesses avoid costly and time-consuming litigation, our attorneys are experienced in litigating breach of contract claims, employment disputes and fraud.   If litigation is absolutely necessary, our attorneys have a proven track record of successfully litigating such claims, as well as, defending against suits asserted by customers or other third parties.

The tactical and skillful legal representation provided by Bashian & Papantoniou enables our  clients to feel fully prepared with their business operations.  If you need an attorney to help form your consulting business or to represent you in a litigation then contact us immediately to schedule your consultation.

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The attorneys at Bashian & Papantoniou are constantly striving to take law to the next level. Our team is comprised of exceptional professionals who put their clients first. We are knowledgeable, personable and diligent. Client success is our top priority.