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“At Bashian & Papantoniou, our lawyers are knowledgeable and experienced in every aspect of business law and offer practical representation to help clients maintain a certain desired image in the marketplace. Our business attorneys offer various services to businesses concerned with public relations.”

Our attorneys help clients achieve success through public relations and promotions by ensuring that our clients are in compliance with relevant laws. Our public relations attorneys facilitate the navigation of legal issues arising from public relations. Our attorneys are skilled at providing legal representation and consultation in connection with branding and merchandising, advertising, false advertising claims, marketing, search engine optimization, intellectual property issues, domain name issues, business development, blogs, and other online social media.

“Our lawyers are experienced at handling matters such as community relations, crisis communications, employee relations, event management, mergers and acquisitions communications, and trade relations.”

When our clients find themselves in the public eye for any reason, our lawyers help ensure that their image is protected as much as possible.  If a client is involved in litigation that attracts the scrutiny of the press, our attorneys offer suggestions as to how to deal with the media to protect our client’s reputation.

“When our client’s business reputation is on the line, our experienced attorneys walk our client’s through the process of interacting with the media.”
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The attorneys at Bashian & Papantoniou are constantly striving to take law to the next level. Our team is comprised of exceptional professionals who put their clients first. We are knowledgeable, personable and diligent. Client success is our top priority.