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At Bashian & Papantoniou we handle real estate transactions and litigation involving all facets of real estate. Our litigators handle construction and real estate cases in both arbitration tribunals and courts. The firm’s clients include developers of commercial, industrial and residential projects, construction companies, investors, financial institutions, property managers, contractors, real estate brokers and commercial and residential property owners. See below for some of the areas we can assist you. More recently, Bashian & Papantoniou Secured a major victory for our client and New York City Building Owner by clarifying and creating legal precedent for New York City Landlords.


Real Estate Transactions
Real Estate Litigation
Landlord and Tenant Representation

Real Estate Transactions

Our transactional real estate attorneys regularly assist owners and developers with the purchase or sale of land, residential, office, retail, hotel, industrial, mixed-use buildings and other properties.  Our transactional real estate attorneys provide counseling on the drafting and negotiation of contracts of sale, occupancy agreements, escrow agreements, as well as other ancillary agreements.

“Our attorneys understand the business aspect of real estate investments, and apply fundamental legal analysis using sound business judgment as guidance.”

Real Estate Litigation

Our team of attorneys represents owners, developers, contractors and residential and commercial tenants in disputes pertaining to real property, bed bug infestation, breach of contract claims, commercial and residential landlord-tenant non-payment and holdover proceedings, foreclosure of liens and mortgages, adverse possession disputes, partition suits, construction litigation, property damage claims, lease disputes, real estate brokerage claims, and condominium association and cooperative corporation disputes. Our law firm has the capability to appear in New York  and New Jersey State Courts and apply for emergency requests through motion practice seeking a “Yellowstone” injunction and other equitable relief that would prevent a landlord from prematurely terminating a client’s lease.

“Having the right real estate attorney litigating your case can mean the world of a difference.”


Our attorneys represent property owners and tenants in a full range of commercial leasing and leasing-related matters, including ground lease transactions and property management issues. The firm’s clients include commercial buildings, shopping centers, restaurants, bars and lounges, law firms, medical offices, car washes and many other types of businesses.

“Our attorneys have years of experience and knowledge dealing with every aspect of commercial leasing transactions – for tenants and landlords”


Bashian & Papantoniou assists its clients in the construction industry by enforcing and defending against liens, negotiating construction contracts, mediating, arbitrating and litigating construction disputes. We represent real estate developers, general contractors, sub-contractors, construction workers, and owners in many phases of the construction process.

Landlord and Tenant Representation

“Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in landlord-tenant issues, which allows our firm to effectively navigate through the complex rules and procedures in New York State courts.”

Our law firm is dedicated to helping landlords, property managers, tenants and subtenants resolve disputes concerning commercial and residential lease agreements. Our attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in landlord-tenant issues, which allows our firm to effectively navigate through the complex rules and procedures in New York State courts.

Specifically, our attorneys are trained and prepared to handle various commercial and residential landlord-tenant litigation matters, involving:

  • Non-payment proceedings
  • Evictions and holdover proceedings
  • Rent overcharges
  • Security deposits
  • Yellowstone injunctions
  • Judgment and warrant enforcement
  • Subleases and assignments
  • Constructive eviction cases
  • Breach of contract claims

RPAPL 881 Proceedings.

In New York City where many buildings are constructed right up to adjoining property lines, making improvements or repairs to property without first gaining proper access to the adjoining property can be challenging. Traditionally, adjoining property owners or lessees may agree to allow access to their property for a period of time until the necessary improvements or repairs are made. However, in situations where permission to enter the adjacent property has been refused, the owner or lessee seeking to make such improvements or repairs may commence a special proceeding for a license to enter the adjacent property under RPAPL 881. Under RPAPL 881 the courts will balance the competing interests of the parties and issue a license when necessary, under reasonable conditions, and where inconvenience to the adjacent property owners is outweighed by the hardship of their neighbors if the license is refused. Our real estate attorneys have extensive knowledge and experience in RPAPL 881 proceedings, which allows our real estate attorneys to effectively navigate through the complex rules and procedures in New York State courts, as well as having a extensive understanding of remedies as they pertain to RPAPL 881 proceedings.

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